Road Trips to take this Weekend

5 Weekend Road Trips to Take Now

Road Trips to take this Weekend

With Summer approaching quickly, now is a great time to spend a little time out of doors and away from home. Head on down to Copper Knoll Mini Storage, pick up your camping or biking gear, and spend 2 or 3 days discovering what California is all about.

Eldorado National Forest

During the Summer months, hiking, fishing and camping are the order of the day in Eldorado National Forest. Only a short drive from Auburn, CA, this exquisitely scenic park has outdoor recreational opportunities for the entire family. Bring your bikes and kayaks, and let the landscape be your guide. The primary attraction of this location is the nearness and natural beauty. Unlike many getaways, this one is close enough to set out for on Saturday morning and be back home by Sunday evening.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is an international tourist destination about 5 hours Southwest of Sacramento. It features an amusement park pier where you will enjoy the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel.. Round out your weekend with other Southern California hotspots, including:

  • Venice Beach Famous for muraled buildings, the modern Muscle Beach, and filled with outdoor shops, the unique flavor and personalities of Venice Beach are a time to remember.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood and Vine are lined with historic stars commemorating famous personalities in film, stage, and radio. Don’t forget to get a few pictures of the Hollywood sign while you are there.
  • Malibu Hollywood’s Sunset Blvd. ends at Route 1 in Malibu, where surfers and movie stars mingle. Tour buses are available, or make the visit your own by simply wandering around the area.

San Simeon and Big Sur

A few hours west of Auburn, CA, Redwood forests and breathtaking coastal views are the two most common reasons to visit Big Sur. In early spring, visitors may spot pods of whales offshore, and San Simeon is home to California’s largest gathering of free-living elephant seals in the United States. Route 1 follows the coastline north through Big Sur, and there is ample camping available, as well as a few prestigious coastal resort communities.

Experience Mount Shasta

By mid-May, the town of Mt. Shasta has thawed out and enjoys a thriving summer atmosphere. Around 3 hours from Auburn, the city sits at the foot of the inactive Mount Shasta volcano, and a mountain spring on the outskirts of town is recognized as the headwaters of the Sacramento River. Mt. Shasta has a special international flavor, with a much more relaxed atmosphere than you will find in the L.A. basin.

Biking in Monterey Bay

Another 3-hour weekend destination, Monterey Bay is an exciting place featuring a huge aquarium and the famous Cannery Row. Most places of interest can be reached via car or a paved bike path that stretches all the way north to Santa Cruz. The path follows the coastline and is shaded by majestic eucalyptus trees and numerous historical markers and signs.

Any time you have have 2 or 3 days to spend on yourself, California has something wonderful to offer in any direction. Plus, Reno, Nevada is only a short drive to the east. When you come back to Copper Knoll Mini Storage to store your getaway gear, we would love to hear about your adventures. We wish we could travel with you, but we are still honored to be your choice for easy-access storage in between excursions.

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