Enjoy Exciting Boating Adventures on Folsom Lake


Imagine a day spent speeding across the water in a sleek sailboat with the sun shining down on your forehead and the wind in your hair. These daydreams are an everyday occurrence at Folsom Lake. If you love water sports and outdoor recreation, then Folsom Lake adventures are for you.

Nestled along the American River in the foothills of the Sierras, Folsom Lake is a man-made reservoir built in 1955. Located 30 miles east of Sacramento, the lake is easy to get to for day trips and weekend getaways.

When boating on Folsom Lake, you will be treated to panoramic views of rolling hills filled with beautiful wildflowers. The water is crystal clear so that you can see the bottom and the marine wildlife that make their homes in this lake. There are plenty of secluded coves and sandy beaches to explore.

Here are just of few of the many possible Folsom Lake adventures:

With its calm clear waters, Folsom Lake is ideal for kayaking and canoeing. These small crafts can be quietly paddled into the many coves and onto the beaches of this amazing lake. You can get up-close views of wildlife or find great spots for fishing in your canoe or kayak.

With its ample winds, Folsom Lake is a great place for sailing. The Folsom Lake Yacht Club provides many opportunities to participate in races or to learn to sail.

Motor Boating
If speed is your thing, then you can cruise out on your motor boat to enjoy Folsom Lake. With four launch points, it is easy to get in the water for a day of high-speed adventures.

For those anglers out there, Folsom Lake is great for fishing. The lake record for largemouth bass is more than 15 pounds, so large fish are out there if you can find them. There is good bass action throughout the year, but the lake also features trout, kokanee salmon, catfish, bluegill, perch and many others. The North Fork of the lake has many secluded coves that are good for kayak fishing. The South Fork is also popular for bass but may be crowded.

Water Sports
If you are up for a thrilling adventure, you can try one of the many water sports available on Folsom Lake. Water skiing and wake boarding are just two ways to enjoy your time on the lake. Others include windsurfing and jet skiing. Skimming across the water at high speeds makes for an exciting adventure on the lake.

Folsom Lake is a waterfront paradise. But it will take some equipment to really make the most of it. Whether you have a small craft like a kayak or a canoe, an abundance of fishing gear, skiing gear or a large motor boat, you will need a safe and clean place to store these items. Your home may not be ideal for this purpose. You may not want a garage full of gear. And you might not have space for a large boat on your property. Renting a slip in the marina limits your adventures to Folsom Lake and makes it difficult to explore other location.


This article originally appeared on Copper Knoll Mini-Storage’s blog at http://copperknollministorage.com/blog/enjoy-exciting-boating-adventures-folsom-lake/.

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