Best Spots to Take Your Boat in Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa boating is one of the top activities available to people who live anywhere near the Napa Valley area. One of the biggest benefits that people find is the fact that the boating opportunities are year-round. There is never a bad time to visit here.

A few good reasons to go boating here include:

  • Recreational areas that include camping and day use options
  • Lake Berryessa boating offers great fishing opportunities
  • Summer water temperatures easily reach 75 degrees

You’ll have a fun time while boating here, regardless of what additional activities you choose to make a part of your trip.

Beautiful Lake Sunset With Fisherman Boat

California’s Bureau of Reclamation offers two recreational areas that are perfectly suited to outdoor recreation. These two areas, ideal for day use, are Oak Shores and Smittle Creek. Some of the things to can do while enjoying Lake Berryessa boating include:

  • Fishing for bluegill, bass and rainbow trout
  • Picnic facilities where you can enjoy a great meal before heading out
  • Wildlife viewing, with perfect opportunities offered while taking part in Lake Berryessa boating
  • Water sports, make easier through use of a boat launch at Capell Cove

Both of these areas are among some of the most accessible for boating enthusiasts who want to get the most from their experience. With the range of additional activities, there is something for everyone to do here. This range of activities is one of the things that makes Lake Berryessa perfect for all ages.

Steele Canyon

In addition to the day use areas, many boaters enjoy visiting Steele Canyon because of its lakeside camping areas. Your Lake Berryessa boating trip will offer a whole new range of experiences when you combine camping with getting out on the lake. Some of the features of camping here for your boating trip include:

  • 6 RV sites
  • 59 sites for either tents or RVs
  • 19 exclusive tent sites
  • Launch ramp with multiple lanes
  • Perfect for pet-friendly Lake Berryessa boating trips

Advantages of Boating in This Area

Napa is one of the most beautiful areas of California, and the Lake Berryessa area exemplifies everything that makes this area so much fun to visit. The lake is a virtual paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, and recreational boating is one of the best ways to fully experience everything that the area offers. You’ll quickly see why your Lake Berryessa boating trip is one of the best travel decisions you’ll make.

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