How To Monster Jam with a 3 Year Old

Does your child (or perhaps you?) love cars and trucks?  Well if they do, you might want to consider attending Monster Jam when the tour rolls into Oakland every winter (normally February).

Below are our tips on Monster Jamming with a toddler:

  1. Protect the ears – We found these great ear protectors by Snug that reduces the sound in the stadium. I tested them and they made a huge difference – and as a Mom that was a relief.  A presentation by the World Health Organization indicates that exposure to loud noises may impact lifelong learning in children. The American Academy of Otolaryngology states that noise above 85 decibels may cause permanent hearing damage.
  2. Sit in the first few rows – For toddlers sitting in the first few rows will help them get the best unobstructed view. We sat in the very first row in the second level and felt close yet still at a safe distance from the noise and exhaust.  Plus sitting in the first row means you can quickly run to the bathrooms, which is handy when potty training!
  3. Put a toy in your bag for later – Everything is overpriced in a stadium. So head over to your local supermarket, drug store, or Target and find a Monster Jam Hot Wheel toy to give your child(ren) after the event.
  4. Blankets, hats and gloves – Monster Jam is best experienced at night (IMO); however, it can get mighty cold in February…at night…in Oakland. Bring a travel blanket, throw a hat and gloves on everyone and you’ll enjoy the show in warmth and comfort.

We are still learning what works and doesn’t work when outing with our toddler.  The above four tips will help make your first toddler monster jam experience a pleasant one – tantrums excluded.

monsterjam toddler - ca adventures - 1 (1)

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